Monday, August 19, 2013

Respublic Amerike: A Detective Mystery Thriller (FREE on Amazon, August 19 & 20)

For two years in Harvard Medical School, the top spot of the class was always reserved for Lela. She earned her place by emphasizing the vast distance between her and the rest of her class. A Lithuanian émigré, dismissed for being an average student, suddenly exhibits extraordinary academic distinction and humiliates Lela in front of all their colleagues.

Then, there is Omar, the Egyptian, el hombre sesudo, the genius who helped the Lithuanian ride over Lela’s back. Lela hunts him down to reciprocate his help; however, the Egyptian, who earns a living being a freelance detective, won't accept money for his services. Instead, he recruits her in his latest thriller mystery.

His client, a British baron, encounters a man who claims time travel is real. The results of that thrilling adventure are catastrophic and unfathomable, and include a historical upheaval in the London Stock Exchange, and an imminent attack on American soil.

With Lela’s help, Omar defies all and stands to the mission. The student-turned-sidekick plunges into Omar’s world and her life changes forever.

Omar's next clients are the mysterious vor v zakone.

Also known as the "thieves in Law," they are the product of the century-old Russian penitentiary system and are the world's most dangerous people. The shef of the Russians in Los Angeles demands Omar's help: the Mafioso had all his underworld life and businesses documented in a box. It is missing now. Omar will have to find it in seventy-two hours, or else.

Then comes Advik Chapal, the Indian noble who perpetrated the ingenious stock market swindle. How could the fifty-year old gambler mastermind that incredible feat? Who helped him, and why?

Omar embarks on solving a series of seemingly unrelated mysteries; but surprisingly all leads end at one enigmatic man: one with excessive power, gadgetry, and outreach—and above all ingenuity.

Omar’s hunt for that leviathan thrusts him into a final showdown in Gaspen, a small city west of Los Angeles. A new hero is born there, and the fight for the legend is exhilarating, daunting, and epic. The future of the United States, as we know now, depends on it.

Can Omar remain faithful to his self-committed journey? Can Lela stand the perplexity of discovering new dimensions that will effectively turn her life upside down?

Will they find the enigmatic man behind it all, unveil his monstrous plan, and save America from its worst nightmare?

Praise for the series

"In line with the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe, this series is filled with mind-boggling adventures. Omar the Egyptian is the sleuth of this decade."

"This series features some of the best detective mysteries ever written. Don't you dare miss this gem."

“Mystery, romance, and an ingenious plot—with just the slightest hint of gore—are carefully mixed to give us an amusing thriller suspense. An instant classic.”

You can have it for FREE, August 19 & 20. Get your copy here.

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