Sunday, May 12, 2013

Can a witty successful business man be victim to a ridiculous scam? Yes, and no.

An English Baron Falls for a Scam. He falls for the silliest episode of all time, then pleads for mercy. PFFT. Give me a break. No one expects a man of your noble stature to fall victim to a gimmick, not even a 10 year old child would have fallen for it. The proverb rightly says “Law doesn’t protect the FOOL,” especially when the cause of his folly is GREED.

A fifty two year old multimillionaire, perhaps billionaire, Fred Ashby, one of London’s known industrialists and one of the familiar faces you’d recognize if you’re into checking celebrity gala photos and paparazzi scandals. Three years ago, he already made news with a couple photographs in a nudist party in one of his haciendas, in Tayinloan, Scotland. Then, he protested his rights of freedom and private property. This time, he’ll have to pull something better to excuse his latest folly.

Fred Ashby, Baron of Hereford, in Custody

The British tycoon, who owns a steel factory in Manchester, another in Oran, Algeria, amongst other things, also has exclusive rights to mining and distributing radioactive metals from two big Uranium mines in Zimbabwe and South Africa. His company ships that precarious commodity to multiple sites around the world, including science labs and high profile military facilities. His transactions are monitored by the British MOD and the Americans, as NATO allies, get annual reports as well. No one can play a fool over such dangerous business, especially someone with Ashby’s expertise and his position in society. But he, like all men who never say enough to money, did fall, right over his neck actually.

Radioactive Quantum Physics

One of the sites, to which his company distributes the radioactive materials, is the Physics lab of the prestigious Columbia University in New York. Professor Patrick Moore, a Nobel laureate, is the head of the team that supervises the breakthrough experiments in the ever baffling Quantum mechanics that takes place in that prominent facility. One of the members of this world renowned lab is Roger Moore, the son of the celebrated Nobel laureate himself. This young scientist paid a visit to our scandalous hero, Fred Ashby, the Baron of Hereford, and told him the most incredulous pretense.

Dr. Roger and his father have just discovered Time Travel through their sophisticated breakthrough Quantum science.

You might think that the scam lies right here, but it doesn’t. The young scientist didn’t come with an offer at all, just with a plea to stop shipping more radioactive material, presumably, to PREVENT changing the course of history. But of course, Fred, the pragmatist, didn’t believe him, even didn’t care listen at all. However, a slip of tongue of the young scientist exposed the British baron to an incredibly precious piece of information. Pushed by his greed, he devised a neat plot to capitalize on the rare information. But as we are to know, his scheme leads to his own doom.

All doors closed, but one

When Ashby falls dramatically, he can’t reach for the police. After all he was the one who planned his own downfall, and none the less, the scandal would damage him and his industries for years to come.

With his hands tied and doom looming over his head, he has to fly more than 3000 miles, across the Atlantic, to consult a foreign consultant based in Boston, a man he had met three years earlier on a far less disastrous matter. Can this slick criminal investigator save the Baron’s neck?

The foreign consultant, Egyptian by birth, assigns a rich medical student, by the name of Lela, to serve as Fred’s companion and embark on a visit to Professor Moore’s home to trace the truth back from where everything started.

I could be going on delving into the details of this incredible story, but the space here wouldn’t accommodate a 57 page long story.

I have published the complete text on Amazon, here. It's free today, and will remain through May 15; after that it'll revert to its regular price, $1.99.


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