Friday, August 17, 2012

Quantum Lapse: Episode 1 (Omar, the Egyptian Series)

For two years in Harvard Medical School, the top spot of the class was always reserved for Lela. She earned her place with exhausting study, patience, and of course, by emphasizing the vast distance between her and the rest of her class. Daina, a Lithuanian √©migr√©, usually dismissed for being an average student, suddenly exhibits extraordinary academic distinction and humiliates Lela in front of all their colleagues.

Then, there is Omar, the Egyptian, el hombre sesudo, the genius who helped Daina ride over her back. Lela will have to seek his help to regain her top spot. But that will come at a price.

A British baron is exposed to an incredible circumstance for which he has to consult Omar. And then, Lela will have to help.

“In line with adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe, this series has some of the greatest mind astounding adventures ever written. Omar, the Egyptian is the sleuth of this decade.” – Patrick Trevor

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Each Episode is a standalone adventure.

Next Episode "All Roads Lead To Zippos" coming September 15.

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